Instructor: Jennifer Engheben

Jennifer Engheben


Jennifer Engheben earned her Master of Science in Elementary Regular/Special Education from Mercy College in May 2005. She met the BCBA's instructional requirements by completing the Florida Institute of Technology's online course series in December of 2008.She has eight years' teaching experience, working with students with disabilities and their families and with students with disabilities in the regular education classroom. Prior to teaching, in 2001, she volunteered at a shelter for women and children and worked in the nursery and after-school program. She has worked as a supervisor, SEIT, and parent trainer since 2005 and currently provides supervision to aspiring BCBAs and BCaBAs. One of her greatest skills as a co-instructor is her ability to have students actively participate at an intense level while maintaining a relaxed classroom environment. Jenn is excited to inspire future behavior analysts to be compassionate when providing services and remain true to the dimensions of applied behavior analysis.

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