Course Detail: SUAS-4000L2FW - AUVSI Trusted Operator Program (TOP) Level 2 Fixed Wing

Drone pilot launching a fixed wing aircraft


This AUVSI Trusted Operator Program (TOP) Level 2 fixed wing certification course is focused on fixed wing flight operations. This program is available 100% online with a required, simulator-based, Practical Flight Assessment (PFA). Level 2 certification is for operators who require a CFR Part 107 waiver, a visual observer or sensor operator, or those who fall outside the CFR Part 107 regulation. This course may be taken individually or toward the satisfaction of Embry-Riddle's AUVSI TOP professional education certificate program.

Students earns 4 CEUs for the successful completion of the SUAS-4000L2FW course.

Flight operations in this certification course can be completed either with a fixed wing drone capable of autonomous flight such as an eBee X, or through the use of a simulator. The choice of using an actual drone or simulator is up to each student, based on equipment availability or the regulatory environment.

To achieve Level 2 certification, applicants must have met all Level 1 protocols, and demonstrated competencies for TOP Level 2 protocols. These include: 1) Provide evidence of certification to 14CFR107, 2) Identify a safe, legal, and appropriate local flight training area through Part 107 application, 3) Analyze the flight location and aircraft using the sUAS Preflight Risk Assessment form, 4) Identify the benefits of record keeping, 5) Determine the requirements for safe UAS flight operations considering aeronautical knowledge, meteorology and environmental elements, 6) Demonstrate mastery of flight maneuvers, 7) Perform GCS Flight Operations, and 8) Execute an autonomous flight safely and efficiently.

Ebee drone closeup of top of fuselage Students will complete assignments including aerodynamics, weight and balance, Ground Control Station (GCS) operations, photogrammetry, emergency operations, and night flying with the fixed wing platform.

In this course students are required to have:

  • FAA (or country equivalent) commercial sUAS certificate (Part 107 RPC)
  • FAA (or country equivalent) commercially registered fixed wing aircraft or computer capable of running eMotion Ground Control Station and Pix4Dmapper software
  • Legal and safe area to perform flight training (if performing actual flight instead of simulation)
  • Fundamental understanding of Pix4D Mapper (review included in the course)

Who Should Attend?

This course is recommended for Part 107 (or country equivalent) certified (required, if performing actual flight) sUAS pilots who wish to gain further knowledge in the applications associated with fixed wing sUAS.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course, students should be able to demonstrate safe and efficient flight operations and data processing while adhering to aviation practices, including:

  • Demonstrate an application of fixed-wing sUAS controls, maneuvers, and procedures.
  • Implement best practices and uncrewed airmanship skills supporting the safe operation of fixed-wing sUAS within the NAS or host-nation airspace.
  • Execute assigned flight training activities, using instructor-provided feedback and guidance to achieve improved proficiency.
  • Appraise operational conditions to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Execute the duties and responsibilities of a Remote Pilot in Command during a fixed-wing sUAS operation.
  • Demonstrate compliance with legal and regulatory requirements in the operation of a fixed-wing sUAS.
  • Implement fundamental fixed-wing sUAS operational knowledge, skills, and abilities during the completion of example applications.

Course Information

This is an online asynchronous instructor-facilitated course with weekly modules and assignments, but no scheduled meeting times. Students should plan to spend approximately 10-15 hours per week working through the course depending on flight experience and proficiency. Coursework is web-based and requires additional software and a reliable internet connection. All courses open 48 business hours in advance of each start date, and must be completed by their scheduled end dates. Digital certificates are available upon successful completion of individual courses. Printed certificates are mailed only upon completion of a full certificate program.

 Session Information: W0824-SUAS4000L2FW-V1

Schedule: starting on 08/01/24 and ending on 08/28/24
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Times: 12:00am-11:59pm EDT
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Facility Detail

Online Course
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