Course Detail: SEC-2000 - Mastering Crisis Communications - In-Person

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Are you ready to becomethe hero your organisation needs during a crisis? No matter what role you play atan airport, space operations centre, public transportation hub, or anypublic-facing entity, this short-course will teach you invaluable strategies onhow to navigate your next major public relations crisis unscathed and preservecustomer trust. This training is a must-have for communication directors,public liaisons, front-line operators, first responders, and anyone elseserious about protecting their brand's reputation. 

Joinour Crisis Communications professional education short-course and transformyour ability to handle any situation with confidence and finesse!

Why This Course is aGame-Changer:

  • Expert Instructors: Learn fromindustry leaders with decades-long real-world crisis management experience!
  • Proven Strategies: Equip yourself with cutting-edge techniques used by top Fortune 500 companies.
  • Hands-On Training at Cardiff Airport: Engage in immersive simulations and live scenarios to hone your skills.
  • Network and Learnfrom Peers: The 2-day, in-person course will allow you to liaise with other professionals in your field and learn about issues affecting various industries.
  • Certificate: Earn a prestigious Embry-Riddle certificate that attests to your mastery of crisiscommunication.

WhoShould Take this Course:

Airport Management and Executives: Airportstaff and decision-makers who may be responsible for communication anddecision-making during a crisis.

       Airline Representatives: Airline staff, including gate agents, ticketing agents, and in-flightcrew, who need to communicate with passengers and coordinate with the airport'scrisis management team.

       Emergency Response Organisations: Personnel directly involved in emergencyresponse, including security, fire, medical, and other first responders.

       Government and Regulatory Officials: Representatives from governmental andregulatory bodies, such as the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), who need tocoordinate with the airport and other stakeholders.

       Contractors and Partner Organisations: Employees from companies providing services atthe airport, such as baggage handling, cleaning, and retail operations, whoneed to be aware of crisis communication protocols.

        Public Relations and Communications Teams: Staff responsible for managing the company'spublic image and communication with the media, customers, and the public.

        Customer Service Representatives: Staff who interact directly with customers andneed to provide accurate and timely information during a crisis.

        Information Technology and Cybersecurity Staff: IT and cybersecurity staff who ensure thesecurity and functionality of communication systems during a crisis.

        Local Community Leaders: Representatives from the local community, including local government officials and community organizations, who may need to be informed and involved in crisis communication.

Media Representatives: Journalists and media personnel who report on airport operations and crises, ensuring they understand the protocols and cooperate effectively.

WhatYou Will Learn:

  1. How to be prepared and develop a comprehensive crisis communication plan, including predefined roles, spokespersons, and protocols before a crisis occurs.
  2. How to continuously monitor social media and other channels for signs of emerging crises.
  3. How to respond quickly to control the narrative and prevent misinformation. Students will engage in a crisis simulation to ensure that key personnel can handle press enquiries and interviews effectively.
  4. How to be transparent, open, and honest about the situation, even when the news is negative.
  5. How to deliver clear, concise, and factual communication in an effort to avoid jargon, and ensure that messages are easily understood by the public.
  6. How to show empathy and genuine concern for those affected by the crisis.
  7. How to provide prudent follow-up after the initial response, providing regular updates and show the steps being taken to address the issue. 

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Certificates & CEUs

Digital certificates are available upon successful completion of individual courses. This course awards 2.4 Continuing Education Units (CEU) upon completion.

Course Fees

Take advantage of the Early Bird Rate until 18 August 2024: $941 (750; Euros 878)

Starting 19 August, the regular course price is $1066 (850; Euros 995).

Credit card payments can be made during the self-service registration process.
For payment by bank transfer, please contact and we will issue you an invoice.

As you prepare for the training, please remember that Embry?Riddle will not cover any costs or penalties, like canceled airline tickets, shuttle fees, rental car charges, or hotel reservations. This applies even if the course itself is cancelled.

 Session Information: W0924-SEC2000-F1

Schedule: This course will run for two full days of instruction with one hour set aside for lunch.
Times: 09:00am-05:00pm EDT
Crisis Communication in Emergency Management : $941.00

Additional Information

Full payment of the course fee is required to be officially registered for any Professional Education course. A 100% refund for all withdrawals or transfers made three or more business days (Monday - Friday) before the first day of class is available. 0% refund for all withdrawals or transfers made the day class begins or anytime following. In rare instances, classes with low enrollment may be canceled. We will make every effort to notify you of changes or cancellations. In the event of a cancellation or change by us, we will provide the student with a 100% refund or transfer to an equivalent class. For questions please contact the Europe Campus by email at or by phone at +4915204043490.

Facility Detail

Cardiff Wales Airport
Vale of Glamorgan
Rhoose, - CF62 3BD