Course Detail: SFII - Structural Failure Identification in Aircraft Accident Investigation

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The Structural Failure Identification in Aircraft Accident Investigation Course is designed to teach the participant the fundamentals required to identify failure modes of aircraft/engine components at the aircraft accident/mishap site. The course can be completed independently and can be applied toward the Certificate of Management in Aircraft Accident Investigation.

Course Objectives

The participant will learn about structures and properties of aircraft materials and how they dictate the failure mode (overload, fatigue, stress-corrosion, etc.) of aircraft/engine components when operated outside their design specifications. The participant will then learn how to visually (1x-10x) identify failure modes to determine whether failure of the aircraft/engine component was the cause or result of the aircraft accident/mishap.

Technical lectures in basic metallurgy and composites, classroom exercises, crash laboratory exercises, and materials laboratory exercises all utilizing actual failed aircraft/engine components will help the participant achieve the goals of efficiently and quickly identifying failure modes encountered at the accident/mishap site with or without a 10x magnifier. 

Course Topics

  • Aircraft Design Specifications
  • Structures-Metallurgy and Failure Identification
  • In-Flight Breakups
  • Mid-Air Collisions
  • Historical Structural Failures
  • V-n Diagram
  • In-Flight Fires Vs. Post Impact Fires
  • Composite Failure Identification
  • Case Studies

Who Should Attend

  • Civil and military aircraft accident investigators
  • Aircraft/Engine manufacturers and maintainers
  • Aircraft/Engine owners and operators
  • Aviation safety professionals
  • Aerospace engineers
  • Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

    Embry-Riddle will award 2.1 CEUs to each attendee who successfully completes the course. Each attendee will receive a Certificate of Completion for completing the course.  

    Registration Information

    The preferred method of payment is credit-card at the time of registration. If you are paying by another method of payment (wire-transfer, employer voucher, check/PO), please 'Create Profile' from the left menu and then contact Daytona Beach ProEd to submit a registration request. Please note registrations are not guaranteed until payment is received in full.

    Cancellation Policy

    A cancellation charge of $150 will be assessed on any standard cancellations. A late cancellation charge of 25% of the course registration fee will be assessed on cancellations occurring within 14 days of the start of the course. For additional information, please review the detailed cancellation, deferment, no-show and refund policies.

     Session Information: D0425-SFII-F1

    Schedule: Every day, starting on 04/08/25 and ending on 04/10/25
    Times: 08:00am-05:00pm EDT

    Additional Information

    Contact: Crystal Fornataro
    Tel: 386.226.2983


    Name Additional Resources
    Anthony Brickhouse
    Andy McMinn

    Facility Detail

    Daytona Beach Campus
    Boeing Center for Aviation & Aerospace Safety (Daytona Beach Campus, FL)
    1 Aerospace Blvd.
    Daytona Beach, FL 32114

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