Course Detail: GAP-1002 - Air Cargo Management (ICAO GAPP)

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The Air Cargo Business and Optimization course is a curated course for managers, leaders, policymakers and professionals in the field of airports, airlines, supply chain and logistics. This course aims to holistically develop the participants' knowledge of the complexities, intricacies and nuances of air cargo management. Furthermore, this course takes an applied view of the latest regulations in the air cargo market and incorporates interesting case studies from the Asia Pacific region.

Learning Objectives: 

To better understand the central theories, concepts and practical application processes of Air Cargo Business and Optimization to formulate management strategy to gain a competitive advantage in the field of air cargo. 

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will have an understanding of:

Course contents: 

Introduction to air cargo business and its importance

  1. The Evolution of Air Cargo Transportation
  2. Role and Significance of Air Cargo in Global Trade
  3. Economic Impact and Contribution of Air Cargo Industry
  4. Factors Driving the Growth of Air Cargo Business
  5. Emerging Markets and Trade Routes in Air Cargo
  6. E-commerce's Impact on Air Cargo Demand
  7. Future Trends and Projections for Air Cargo Growth

Air cargo and supply chain

  1. Introduction to Supply Chain Management in Air Cargo
  2. IATA's Role in Regulating Air Cargo Operations
  3. Different Categories of Air Cargo and Handling Requirements
  4. Air Cargo Security and Regulatory Compliance
  5. Air Cargo Distribution Channels and Networks
  6. Role of Freight Forwarders and Integrators in Distribution
  7. Challenges and Innovations in Last-Mile Delivery
  8. Sustainable Practices in Air Cargo Distribution

Air cargo handling and processes

  1. Process Thinking and Lean Principles in Air Cargo
  2. Key Processes in Air Cargo Handling: Booking to Delivery
  3. Identifying and Resolving Bottlenecks in Handling Operations
  4. Performance Metrics for Evaluating Air Cargo Handling

Cargo revenue management

  1. Introduction to Revenue Management in Air Cargo
  2. Components of Cargo Revenue Management Strategy
  3. Overbooking Strategies and Considerations
  4. Pricing Strategies for Different Types of Cargo

Optimization techniques in air cargo operations

  1. Overview of Optimization Methods in Operations
  2. Linear Programming and Its Application in Air Cargo
  3. Constraints in Air Cargo Operations: Capacity, Time, Resources
  4. Case Studies of Linear Programming Models in Air Cargo

 Session Information: W0824-GAP1002

Schedule: Online synchronous classes meet Monday to Friday from 0900 to 1300 Singapore time (UTC +8) from 19 to 23 Aug. Participants in Singapore interested in attending lessons in person at ERAU Asia must contact the campus at least 30 days before the course begins to confirm the availability of this option.
Times: 09:00am-01:00pm EDT
GAP1002 Air Crgo Management USD Price : $1200.00

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The Air Cargo Management course is part of the Global Aviation Professional Programme (GAPP) jointly conducted by International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU), Korea Aerospace University (KAU), and Incheon International Airport Corporation (IIAC). For more information, please visit 


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