Instructor: Zied Hamdi

Zied Hamdi
Biography: Zied Hamdi is an accomplished aviation and cybersecurity expert with over 15 years of dedicated experience in airline digitalization. Mr. Hamdi holds a Master of Science in Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering from the University of Stuttgart and an MBA from the Luxembourg School of Business. As a pioneering leader, he has made significant contributions to the development of Electronic Flight Bags (EFBs) and to securing critical aviation systems. Additionally, Mr. Hamdi served as a ground instructor for 12 years. This unique blend of hands-on flight operations experience, software development, and cybersecurity knowledge makes him an expert in bridging the gap between technology and aviation safety. Mr. Hamdi's current role is as Product Incubation Manager at Boeing Digital Aviation Solutions at Neu Isenburg near Frankfurt. He looks forward to sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience with his students.

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