Course Detail: GSO-1200 - Supply Chain Management [GSO-1200]

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This course introduces students to the procurement function of the firm including the strategic impact of purchasing and supply chain management on competitiveness and profitability. Students will gain experience with the underlying business processes that flow from and support the purchasing process using relevant SAP modules. The purchasing process is examined as it relates to producing products and services, taking and fulfilling orders, billing for products and services rendered, and recording revenues and payments to vendors. The relationship between purchasing and inventory management, materials management, just- in-time manufacturing, and manufacturing resource planning will be explored within a global context. The role of supply chain partnerships is also addressed including how to evaluate, bargain, and negotiate contracts with suppliers in an ethical manner while considering risks.

What You Will Learn

Upon completing this course, students should be able to demonstrate a comprehensive and broad-based understanding of:

  • Purchasing policy and supply management integrations
  • Supplier evaluation and selection
  • Procurement and business processes
  • Supplier evaluation and management
  • Negotiation, conflict, and contract management
  • SAP Procurement processes

Who Should Attend

This course is recommended for:

  • Anyone interested in entering the field of supply chain management
  • Aviation professionals seeking managerial/supervisory role
  • Aviation organizations junior managers
  • Operations and Supply Chain professionals
  • Managers entering the aviation industry

Certificate Awarded

This course is part of the Global Supply Chain and Operations in Aviation Certificate program.

Course Format

This course is five weeks in duration. It is composed of both asynchronous and synchronous activities. The first four weeks of the course are asynchronous and allow the student to enjoy date/time flexibility to go through the course materials and complete the course activities.

The final week of the course is offered virtually through an interaction platform (e.g., Zoom) and closely replicates the traditional classroom environment, having students and instructors interacting and engaging on a live basis. Students and instructors will be together during four hours a day from Monday to Friday.

Students must achieve a grade of 70% or higher in order to successfully pass the course. Evaluations will be conducted by the instructors through individual assignments, discussion forums, quizzes, presentations, individual collaboration during the synchronous sessions, etc.

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