Course Detail: SSM-3000 - Ethics for Business Sustainability

Ethics in business comes directly from the idea of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development. Responsible and sustainable business should aim to incorporate ethical standards into the strategy and consciously use them in their business.


The shift in the approach to business, entrepreneurs are beginning to discover that business is not limited only to economic gain, but important non-economic values are also important, which significantly affect the functioning of the company and the quality of work performed by employees.


Reconciliation of business and ethics seem difficult. Understanding and implementing the principles of ethics to the company's strategy is a way of ensuring long-term success of the company. The lack of ethics causes internal chaos, reduces motivation, deterioration in the quality of work and creates a sense of impunity. The organization is often not aware that their unethical activities can cause harm and generate huge costs.

Learning Outcomes 

  • Scrutinize ethical issues that arise within business management.
  • Examine ethical and moral dilemmas that arise in business contexts.
  • Acquire and apply critical thinking skills related to the practice of business within the framework of societal values.
  • Identify the ethical implications of a situation, engage in sound moral reasoning and develop practical problem solving strategies.

Available Sessions