Course Detail: SSM-2000 - Advanced Management & Leadership

Many global corporations depend on its senior executives to develop business strategies that are constantly taking into account on the ongoing environment such as country, commercial, currency, cultural, and climate change risks. However, It is important that senior executives have sustainability leaderships and capabilities to increase organizational performance in terms of economic, environment and social sustainability.


The Advanced Management and Leadership Program is a comprehensive senior executives development program that is based on three critical sub-systemsof sustainability leadership system: environment, leadership and competences sub-systems to advance high-performance leadership and capabilities in developing ethical sustainable business strategy to increase organizational performance across global industries.


Learning Outcomes


·        Tracking opportunities and threats to organizations.

·        Identifying strategic capabilities for organizations.

·        Formulating strategic alternatives and strategy to gain competitive advantage.

·        Creating sustainable operational capabilities.

·        Measuring business and operation performance.

·        Developing system-thinking approach in business.

·        Developing high performance strategic leadershipstyles.

·        Understanding Asian cultures and developing global management skills.

·        Acquiring and applying critical thinking skills related to ethics in business.

·        Understanding of blockchain technology (DLT) and its applications in businesses.


Who should attend the program?


·        CompanyDirectors

·        Consultants

·        Managers

·        SeniorExecutives

Available Sessions