Course Detail: SGA-1009 - Performance Management and Managerial Accounting Practices in Aviation [SGA-1009]

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This course is a "Elective course" that is part of the Graduate Certificate in Aviation. This 2.5-days, 20-hours course provides participants with a good grounding of how financial statements are prepared, interpreted and used to extract critical information for business decisions in the aviation industry. An effective budget not only provides a forecast of the organization's income and expenditure, but also acts as a measurement of the actual financial operations of the business against the forecast. This course is also designed to help participants identify various types of budgets. It will also guide participants how to plan and prepare budgets and to implement an effective budget control system.

Who Should Attend

  • Airline, airport, aircraft management professionals
  • Aviation banking & finance professionals
  • Aviation auditors and accountants
  • Senior Management and CEOs

Learning Objectives

By attending this course, participants will be better able to:
  • Understand the purpose and flow of creating a budget in the aviation industry
  • Create various types of budget and implement budgetary control
  • Gain insights of cost behaviour
  • Use of real life case studies to understand, prepare an effective budget in the aviation industry
  • Appreciate the importance of the budgeting process and hence take ownership of it
  • Gain a comprehensive overview and understand the basis upon which financial statements are prepared mainly in the aviation industry
  • Interpret financial statements correctly for aviation industry
  • Detect symptoms of potential problems from the financial statements and other relevant parts of the Annual Report of an airline company
  • Ask the appropriate questions when analysing financial statements in the aviation industry
  • Apply the key management ratios for performance evaluation in the aviation industry

Available Sessions