Course Detail: LSSY - Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

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A two-day in-person or online workshop designed to provide candidates the opportunity to earn their Lean Six Sigma yellow belt certification and to provide them with the knowledge and tools to better implement Lean Six Sigma efforts within their organization. Learn about the execution of projects in LSS in aviation and aerospace service as well as the industrial environment. Learn from case study examples on how to use new product DFSS and existing product Six Sigma DMAIC methodology. Learn how to employ a Lean Six Sigma 10 step process to improve the supply chain and operational environments within your organization through LSS courses. Learn and practice how to use process control Value Stream Mapping (VSM) to build strong Kaizen team focus and top down organizational commitment to LSS projects within your organization. 

Course Content 

  • Lean Six Sigma origin within the aviation environment 
  • Leadership for Six Sigma process management and improvement 
  • Creating customer focus 
  • Process improvement teams 
  • Process performance measures 
  • Problem solving using Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control (DMAIC) 
  • Value added process mapping 
  • Just-in-time and Kanban 
  • Variable control charting 
  • System optimization using Design for Experiments and Design for Six Sigma 
  • Integrating Agile and Constraint Management into Lean Six Sigma Initiatives 
  • Managing Lean Six Sigma Projects using Agile and Critical Chain Methodologies 

Instructional Methodology 

  • Analyze recently executed Lean Six Sigma efforts within the aviation maintenance and services environment 
  • Gain hands on experience on how to effectively use Value Stream Process Mapping, DAMIC, and DFSS processes 
  • Walk through and score your organization's readiness to implement a LSS initiative by working through a LSS readiness evaluation assessment process 
  • Listen to executives from the aviation industry on their experiences with Lean Six Sigma implementation projects 

Available Sessions