Course Detail: FAR1 - Navigating Federal Procurement


Knowing how to navigate the procurement landscape and acquisition regulations is key to administering successful contracts with the federal government. 

Let our expert faculty guide you over a three-day workshop intended to provide an understanding of federal acquisition regulations (FAR), the acquisition management system (AMS), and other related federal procurement topics. 

Whether you work in aerospace defense or homeland security or contract with the Federal Aviation Administration or other federal agencies, this short course will help you on your way to becoming an expert in the realm of FAR and AMS policies. 


The training is geared for current and future employees of organizations that contract with the federal government. 

  • Introduction to, and navigation of, the FAR and AMS (policies, forms, procedures)
  • Pre-award accounting systems reviews and other business system reviews 
  • Relevant contract clauses
  • Contract pricing and cost analysis
  • Final indirect cost rate proposal preparation (FAR 52.216-7)
  • Contract payment and closeout process
  • Cost Accounting Standards and Disclosure Statement topics (CASB DS-1 and DS-2 for educational institutions)
  • Federal audit considerations.

Available Sessions