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Instructor: Tom Eamon
No image available Biography: Tom Eamon teaches political science at ECU where he has won teaching awards. He is a specialist in American, Southern, and North Carolina politics, areas in which he has published extensively. He is the author of The Making of a Southern Democracy, North Carolina Politics From Kerr Scott to Pat McCrory.

Classes by this instructor

For many years North Carolina played a secondary role in presidential politics. That changed dramatically in 2008 when Democrat Obama narrowly won the state's electoral votes. Trump carried the state in 2016,but few states received more attention from the candidates and the media. If the state turned purple in presidential politics, Republicans achieved unprecedented gains in state politics, notably on the legislative level. And statewide elections were as competitive as could be. We will look at the reasons for these trends and the connections between national and state politics. Class will also look at factors unique to North Carolina. And we will compare the quality of current leadership to that of earlier times.Finally, where are we headed as a state and country.
Wednesday, November 15, 2017 (No seats currently available)