Prepare to be amazed. You will have your eyes opened to the amazing world of Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop can't simply be called "image-editing software" - there are manipulations, special effects, and powerful photography tools that will let you create anything you can imagine. Through a series of written and video tutorials complemented with hands-on exercises, you will learn the basic skills needed to produce high quality artwork for print, interactive PDFs, and web graphics. Each module presented will include links to video and written content that you will be able to use with your students as you teach InDesign in your classroom. The projects have downloadable assets that may be helpful as you plan your classroom lessons.
This course provides training in Adobe Illustrator CC, the industry-standard vector program for graphics professionals. In this course, the key features of Illustrator will be covered, including how to use the core drawing and shape tools, the transformation features, page layout, text, layers, perspective and 3-D drawing, exporting and printing files. Through a series of written and video tutorials complemented with hands-on exercises, you will learn the basic skills needed to produce high quality artwork for print, multimedia, and web graphics.
This course provides training in Adobe InDesign CC, the industry-standard page layout program. On the surface, InDesign is very user-friendly; setting up documents and creating basic page layouts is simple and straight-forward. As you spend time with the software, you realize how powerful and expansive the options really are. You have tremendous amount of control over every single tool, if you want to go that deep. In this course, the key features of InDesign will be covered, including a section on typography, managing image placement, exploring grids and alignment, text wrap and effects, and how to build styles.
Adobe Premiere is a powerful video editing software package, that is capable of producing broadcast-quality and high-definition video. It allows you to import video, audio and graphics in a wide variety of formats. Throughout this course you will explore the basic tools needed to edit video and create a project to promote tourism in North Carolina.
Dreamweaver is used by novices and professional web designers to build visually appealing and easy-to-navigate webpages. With the presence of multiple built in pop-up menus and templates, it is very easy to create a professional looking webpage. From a designer perspective, the interface is similar to other Adobe products, so the first time you sit down with Dreamweaver, you already feel quite at home with the software. This course will teach you the basics of Dreamweaver and the capstone project will include a personal website or a website for a company of your choice.
Here we are 12 years into the new millennium but we are still talking about the 21st Century and the changes that need to be made, so why is that? Change takes time and adopting new pedagogy and daily practices takes a new level of comfort that isn't present for many of us. So how do we get there? In this module, participants will examine their current stage of development in the transformation to 21st Century classroom and their own change process while gathering ideas for implementing new technology strategies into current pedagogy. This module, which is geared toward novice technology users, will include activities to help participants find new tools to bring engaging multimedia lessons to their students that met them were they are, as well as help build a personal learning network to provide support and inspiration for moving forward.

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