Many books of the Bible wonderfully emerge from the experience of ancient Israelites and early Christians with each other and their God. "Holy" Bible doesn't mean these writings are divorced from real world, thoroughly human experience. One dimension of that experience often overlooked is humor. We'll take a journey through both testaments to highlight how humor is utilized to communicate the teachings and experiences of these ancient peoples. Part of the presentation is based on my published research, where I provide a literary/psychological study of the parables and proverbs of Jesus. This approach yields some interesting results. There are some very good stories here! You will enjoy.
Explore the annual cycle of Jewish holidays, with our only local Rabbi, at our only local Synagogue. Hear and experience rituals of Rosh Hashanah; Yom Kippur; Sukkot; Hanukah; Tu BiSh'vat; Purim; Passover; Shavuot, and such recently added holidays as Holocaust Commemoration Day and Israel Independence Day. Learn insights. Gain emotional and spiritual benefits of holiday rituals and history. Ask all the questions you have about any Jewish subject.
This course provides an introduction to the religion of Islam in historic and contemporary perspectives. Participants will learn the basic terms of Islamic jurisprudence, leading them to an understanding of Islam and the beliefs and practices of Muslims. Course topics include: reasons for understanding Islam, the life and ministry of Muhammad, the Qur'an, the central beliefs and principal practices, status of women in Islam, Muslim community in history, Muslim personal and communal life, and diversity in Islam.