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What is the Internet of Things (IoT)? Why do I need to know anything about this? Is it going to cost me any money? I don't need to know anything about computers and technology stuff so why should i care? Older adults especially need to know and understand how IoT devices are going to affect them. Many of you are using IoT devices and do not realize it. In tihs session, you will hopefully learn enough about the IoT to decide which of the devices you need and gain an understanding of which ones can be helpful to you.
This is a basic class on Window Operation System equipped computers . You will become familiarized with Windows 10 and more comfortable using your computer. We will discuss different types of computers, how to buy computers, what type of computer you may need/want, and how to take care of your computer. Among the things discuss will be email, social media, file management, and getting on the WWW. This class will be a great opportunity to learn to be 'friends' with your computer.

Note: You will need to have Windows 10 uploaded on your laptop before coming to the first session.

The purpose of this hands-on session is to demonstrate and help participants create a "stand alone" movie that can be run automatically with self-created slides, audio, video, automation, and transitions in Microsoft PowerPoint, leading to a ppsx-Read Only file.