Do you get stumped with your computer? This beginners' course is intended to acquaint you with taking care of your Windows 10 operating system and learning to use all its features. We will not be digging deep into the workings of the operating system, just offering the information you really need to get the most form your system. Bring your laptop and your questions, as making sure you get the answers you really need will be a priority! 

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In this course, we will explore the basic features of the iPad: the home screen, dock, applications, opening and closing apps, rearranging and deleting apps, the multi-tasking bar, settings and a few other features. We'll even cover a few tips and tricks: hidden special characters, adding PDF's to your iPad, controlling notifications, and more.

March 7-14, 2019, Self Help Center, 100H
Technology companies have finally discovered that senior citizens are an under served market. Too many seniors are hesitant to try technology assisting devices; fearful they will not understand how the device functions and what it does.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019, Self Help Center, 100H