Course Detail: SCIDIV - Scientific Diving
Image courtesy of John McCord, UNC Coastal Studies Institute
Course Overview
This is a modular course based on the scientific diver training standards defined by the American Academy of Underwater Sciences (AAUS), and provides the classroom, confined water, and openwater instruction necessary to obtain ECU Scientific Diving Certification. Modules generally consist of an online academic section, confined water lab, and openwater diver qualification. Online academics are self-paced. Confined water sections will be scheduled on Monday mornings either 8-10am or 10-12pm. Openwater qualification dives are conducted after the close of spring exams and require approximately 10 days. This course lays the fundamental groundwork necessary for students to meet the academic, confined water, and openwater requirements for scientific diver certification as outlined by the AAUS. Students are exposed to a variety of diving and sampling techniques and practices from several academic areas involved in scientific diving. Students are evaluated through the use of academic and skills testing for basic proficiency in activities deemed pertinent for scientific diving practices in which ECU is involved. Note that participation in and/or completion of this course will not guarantee ECU/AAUS Scientific Diver Certification. Information on medical examination and other requirements for ECU Scientific Diver Certification may be obtained by visiting the DSO Web Site at

SCUBA Certification

Completion Requirements
Successful completion of all portions of a training module is required to receive credit for the module. Successful completion of all required training modules, as well as meeting all other standards requirements, is necessary to receive ECU/AAUS scientific diver certification. Additional standards requirements are outlined in the ECU Diving Safety Manual.

It is possible to complete this course but not receive ECU/AAUS scientific diver certification.

The open water part of this course will take place in various dive locations TBD by the instructor.

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