Course Detail: LLUPCY - Upcycling: As Seen on Pinterest
Upcycling, or the method of recycling something into an object of higher value, is becoming quite the trend. The website Pinterest is a great resource for such projects. The first project we will make in this course will be making sewing and first aid kits from pill bottles, which are great for keeping in the car, travel bag or hotel room. Next we will upcycle t-shirts and create one of a kind reusable tote bags which will help eliminate the need for plastic bags at the grocery store! The last project will be creating tile drink coasters out of your favorite sheet music, comics, wrapping paper, or any other kind of paper you can think of.

*For this course, you will need to bring a few t-shirts, that you no longer wear, as well as a few sheets of
your favorite paper.

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