Course Detail: I4 - I4 Leadership Grant

Project I4: Innovate, Inquire, Iterate and Impact: Igniting the Power of Network Improvement Communities to Enhance Professional Learning for Educational Leaders

School leaders engaging math teachers in equity-focused, evidence-based observation, coaching, and improvement.

Purpose: Cohorts of school leaders engage in one-year professional learning experiences with in-person and online with coaching and virtual reality supports. Through iterative inquiry with the intention of exponentially impacting equitable math results, school leaders organized in network improvement communities will:

  • Utilize evidence-based observation practices in math and science classrooms;
  • Revitalize conversations with teacher about improving instructional practices;
  • Analyze iterative results of PDSA cycles of inquiry to make decisions;
  • Re-imagine useful professional learning experiences for teachers.

Program Features: Using the processes and pedagogies of the Leadership Learning Exchange model to promote access and equity in math, key project features are:

  • Year-long professional learning experience resulting in a micro-credential (9 graduate credits)
  • Improved knowledge, skill and efficacy in observing and conferring about equitable classroom practices
  • Virtual reality use to improve efficacy in observing and conferring about math and science teaching 

A subset of principals can also apply for a fully-funded advanced micro-credential (9 additional credits).

Outcomes: All principals meet these learning targets -- measured by proficiency in use of virtual reality, the Comprehensive Assessment of Leadership Learning (CALL), and the capstone project.

  • Build and sustain relational trust as a foundation of school improvement.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of learning theory as it applies to academic discourse in mathematics.
  • Improve proficiency in observing classrooms that focus on academic discourse in mathematics.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in having conversations about practice and coaching teachers.
  • Assess effectiveness of using learning exchange protocols in professional learning with teachers and staff.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in use of improvement sciences processes 

East Carolina University seeks to comply fully with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Students requesting accommodations based on a disability must be registered with the Department for Disability Support Services located in Slay 138 (252) 737-1016. 

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