Course Detail: COETFALEARN - Learning and Leading in the Education Profession

Course Description

This online course is designed for practicing educators that work with students or in schools in a professional setting.  Content explored in Learning and Leading in the Education Profession will supplement pedagogical knowledge and initiates new avenues of learning that help to support students and the community of learners.  Emphasis of this course will target four areas that impact teacher education:

  • - Curriculum
  • - Poverty in the Classroom
  • - Teacher Leadership
  • - Reflection- Goal Setting


  • - Content is developed to fit the unique needs of the practicing educator. 
  • - Instructor feedback offers opportunity for discussion.
  • - Course design encourages collaboration and use of technology as tools for learning.
  • - Participants will receive a certificate of completion from ECU upon mastery of the course.

Learning Objectives

  • - Key terms, concepts, and principles in education.
  • - Descriptions of curriculum, poverty in the classroom, teacher leadership, and reflection.
  • - Exploration of current concepts in the education profession.
  • - Application of processes and technology used in schools and classrooms.

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