Course Detail: BDAN - Belly Dancing
This class will be an introduction to Belly Dance (Middle Eastern Folk Dance) and will include a brief history. Belly dancing is an activity and an exercise class; muscle tone and flexibility will be improved. The class will begin with basic stretching exercises including simple yoga movements. The main portion of the class will focus on developing isolated body movements necessary to perform the dance correctly, followed by the development of traveling steps, turns, and shimmies. Veils will be incorporated. The final portion of the class will be learning choreography that will be danced together by the group. Traditional and modern Middle Eastern music will be used, and basic Middle Eastern rhythms will be identified and explained.

Participants will need to wear stretchy clothing, allowing freedom of movement. The dance will be performed in bare feet or socks. (Flexible dance or gymnastic shoes may be worn.) Students will need a scarf that is long enough to be tied around the hips.

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