Course Detail: 19SW1120 - Losing Weight Doesn't Mean Losing Your Identity: The Struggles of a Bariatric Patient

The purpose of this lecture is to identify psychosocial stressors related to bariatric surgery. Participants will be able to identify two ways bariatric surgery effects self-esteem/self-identity.Additionally, participants will receive information about two evidence based practices when working with bariatric patients. Over the past decade, bariatric surgery has been utilized by more and more individuals. This population experiences unique struggles pre & post surgery. Why do most relationships end after surgery? How do the patients handle the potential lack of social support? What are the best evidence based practices for working with the patients pre & post surgery? Come shatter the myth on how bariatric patients have taken "the easy way out."Social Workers, Medical Professionals , Mental Health Professionals, and Human Service Professionals

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