Course Detail: 17SW101117 - The Trauma of Islamophobia and the Ethics of Social Justice in Policy and Practice
Purposes and Objectives
  • *Understand Islamophobia in historical and contemporary context
  • *Examine imagery of Muslims in politics and society; specific attention will be given to Muslim women and hijab (veil)
  • *Present previous research on Muslim women, hijab, feminism (based upon my publication in Social Work)
  • *Recognize Islamophobia in clinical practice, social work education, and flawed policy
  • *Present culturally competent practice for direct care, how to confront Islamophobia in one's self and others, and the importance of social justice work in both macro and micro fields
Format and Description
The purpose of this seminar is to present the history and current manifestation of Islamophobia to social workers, and how the trauma that creates harms both Muslim and non-Muslim populations. The imagery of Muslim women and the misconceptions regarding the practice of hijab (veil), using the speaker's thesis research, which was published by the NASW in their Social Work journal, will be specifically presented. The discussion will then move to how these biases are manifested in clinical encounters and poor public policy, further deepening social discord and negative perceptions of Muslims. Lastly, suggestions fordismantling Islamophobia will be provided including recognizing personal bias, ideas for culturally competent care, and how to incorporate social justice in education and policy.

Instructor Bio
Anderson Al Wazni (MSW) is a 2014 graduate of Smith College School for Social Work whose thesis research was published in the 2015 NASW Social Work journal. She currently works as a freelance writer and speaker on Islamophobia, feminism, and countering extremism. She has also been featured in the Oxford University press Blog, international religious publications, and presented at both national and state NASW conferences as well as local trainings for clinicians. She continues to conduct research and will be a part time lecturer at Smith College School for Social Work in the 2017 Continuing Education Seminar Series. In addition to social work, Anderson is a part time student in Shia Islamic studies at the Al Mahdi Institute in Birmingham, England. She currently lives in the Triangle area of NC.

Available Sessions