Course Detail: IMC - CIMC Coaching Foundations

CIMC Add-On-License Description

There are seven (7) components to successfully completing the 830 Curriculum and Instructional Management Coordinator (CIMC) add-on license-formerly known as VoCATS Coordinator license. The completion of the Coaching Foundations course via Constructive Learning Design LLC completes the fifth (5) component of the CIMC license.

Coaching Foundations Course Description

The fifth (5) component, "Foundations of Coaching" via Constructive Learning Design, LLC will design and deliver two 2-day (total of four days) face-to-face of professional learning focused on the foundational skills of instructional coaching: questioning, active listening, feedback, and modeling to CTE CIMC across the state.

These sessions will focus on interactive activities with a CTE CIMC emphasis that require participants to construct knowledge, understanding, and the development of new skills through practice, discussion, collaboration, reading, and writing.  Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to practice coaching skills. Activities will include looking at student work, lesson tuning, looking at data, and providing observational feedback to teachers.

Before the professional two 2-day (total four days) face-to-face learning events, Constructive Learning Design, LLC will design and facilitate two 2-hour (total four hours) of trainings at the CTE Summer Conference giving CIMCs and other CTE leaders activities and tools to build cultures of collective teacher efficacy, teacher collaboration, and teacher discussion around growth and instruction.

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