Course Detail: CIMCOL - Artifact 6 - CIMC Induction Blackboard Course via ECU

CIMC Add-On-License Description

There are seven (7) components to successfully completing the 830 Curriculum and Instructional Management Coordinator (CIMC) add-on license-formerly known as VoCATS Coordinator license. The completion of the CIMC Induction Blackboard course via ECU sixth (6) component of the CIMC license.

CIMC Induction Course via ECU

The CIMC Induction Course via ECU is managed by a 830 licensed CIMC. It is designed to run during most of the academic year. The course covers CIMC work centered on CTE:

  • accountability,
  • curriculum management & instruction,
  • law & policy,
  • professional development,
  • technology,
  • personal work habits, and
  • any hot topic issues that may arise within the job description of CTE Curriculum and Instructional Management.

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