Course Detail: SWLDR - Authentic Self-Leadership: Finding New Roads to Achieving Stress and Burn-Out Reduction for the Health and Helping Professionals
Course Description
This workshop is designed for working professionals and students within the ECU community wanting to learn more about current research on burnout and prevention techniques, such as self-leadership and authentic-leadership. Both self-leadership and authentic-leadership are more about how to walk your own journey rather than how to respond to the missteps of others. Learning more about these leadership strategies can potentially reduce the likelihood of experiencing burnout and, as well, perhaps assist with improving other areas of life functioning. This session will be conducted as an interactive workshop where the facilitators will provide information regarding burnout and allow time for personal reflection and sharing of experiences. It is important to note that burnout is not a "one size fits all"- each of us comes to the table with different life experiences and insights, as well as with a variety of coping strategies. It is through this interactive approach that we will endeavor to equip each participant with helpful tools, enabling learning to come from not only the facilitators, but also from other participants with their own personal experiences and lessons. We invite you to come just as you are to our table and let's tackle burnout together!

3 contact hours = 0.3 CEU credits

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