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Course Detail: 17SW1709 - Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: An Ounce of Prevention
Goals and Objectives
The goals of this presentation are to educate participants about FASDs and how this disorder presents in an individual across the lifespan and the importance of preventing alcohol exposed pregnancies. The participants will have a clear understanding of how alcohol impacts the developing brain, identify personal strategies and interventions for individuals that have an FASD. and address prevention strategies within their community.

Quick Risk Facts
2% - 5% of children each year are born with an FASD (almost 6,000 each year in NC). Infants born to women who drank alcohol during pregnancy are 6-8 times more likley to die from SIDS. 35% of individuals with an FASD have been in jail or prison at some point. 55% of people with an FASD will be confined to a prison, psychiatric institute, or drug/alcohol treatment center. 95% of people with an FASD also have a mental illness.

Format and Description
Upon completion of the workshop, participants will be able to identify the issues with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders, as well as general understanding of what these disorders are. Participants will also learn about the North Carolina Fetal Alcohol Prevention Program (FASDinNC) and their mission to prevent alcohol exposed pregnancies by providing training, education and resources to women of childbearing age and to the professionals that serve them.

Instructor Bio
Trained as a health Educator at East Carolina University, Elizabeth Montgomery lee, MA has educated the public on various health issues including substance abuse prevention, coalition building, smoking cessation, diabetes, heart disease and organ transplantation. in addition to her expertise on substance abuse prevention and the prevention of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, Mrs. Montgomery Lee has a background in marketing, public relations and international sales. Her past experiences include anchoring and reporting for television and radio, international sales in the Middle East, Africa, and Eastern Europe and public affairs for an international trad association. Currently, Mrs. Montgomery Lee is a faculty member teaching a class in Community Health Education Strategies and Director of the ECU Regional Training Center. In her personal life, she enjoys handing out with her teenage son (who was diagnosed with an FASD) and her two dogs and is currently trying to cultivate a "green" thumb with work in her yard.

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