Course Detail: 17SW1129 - Celebrating Gender Diverse Youth Through Culturally Competent Care
Course Description
The myriad health and psychosocial risks associated with identifying as transgender, gender non-binary, or gender diverse are understood to be reduced through gender-affirming approaches to care. In this workshop, we will discuss how practitioners can improve their gender-affirming skill set in working with children, adolescents, families, and the systems who serve them by developing knowledge, resources, and intervention skills pertaining to gender-affirming care.

Goals and Objectives
Upon completion of the workshop, Participants of this workshop will:
  • - Gain an understanding of general ideas and concepts related to gender diversity.
  • - Engage in activities aimed at broadening personal/professional competence
  • - Develop an understanding of gender and identity through a developmental lens.
  • - Discuss common concerns and strengths related to identifying as transgender, gender non-binary, or gender diverse including health disparities and resiliency.
  • - Gain an understanding of the evidence-based interventions aimed at improving well-being of gender diverse children including individual service provision, work with family members of gender diverse children or the systems who serve them.
  • - Learn where to access appropriate information to build a toolbox for gender diverse children.
Instructor Bio
Dr. Julie Austen completed her PhD in Health Psychology at East Carolina University where she attained specialty training in pediatric school psychology as well as cross-training in adult clinical behavioral medicine. Throughout and beyond graduate school she created and delivered training on culturally competent LGBTQIA care to medical providers as well as developing and teaching an undergraduate course. For her work in these areas she was granted a Distinguished Student award by the American Psychological Association Division for the Study of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity. Currently, she is a behavioral health consultant and clinical training at Piedmont Health Services where she serves as an LGBTQIA champion at the systems level and provides integrated care to gender diverse youth in a rural family medicine clinic. Dr. Austen's interests are in teaching, mentoring, and providing affirming services to LGBTQIA people with a special emphasis on working with individuals along the gender spectrum.

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