Course Detail: CSIOCEANWAVES - Coastal Studies Institute Program - Ocean Waves

Founded in 2003, the Coastal Studies Institute (CSI) is an inter-university marine science research and education institute located on Roanoke Island, North Carolina. The K-12 programs offered at CSI align with both NC Essential Standards and Next Generation Science Standards. In addition, the programs utilize the current research projects of CSI faculty and scientists to provide students with a unique, engaging experience that will make scientific concepts relevant. Programs include field based programs and laboratory investigations.

Students will explore concepts of energy transfer through orbital waves by observing different wave characteristics in a 10-meter research wave tank. Students will use the data they have collected to solve mathematical equations that calculate the energy available, wave steepness, etc. This program allows to students to visualize concepts they are learning in science and math.Standards: PSc.3.1, PSc.3.2, Phy.2.1, Phy.2.2

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