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Course Detail: BBLE - How We Got The Bible
Perhaps tucked away in the back of our minds is a simplistic notion that a long time ago the heavens opened and the Bible-King James Version, black leather binding, your name printed in gold, and a red locater ribbon-slipped out of the hands of an angel to God's people. Of course, when we really think about it, we know it was not anything like that. It's a much more complex-and fascinating-story. PEN AND PAPER: Here we look at the actual mechanical process by which the various books of the Bible came into existence. I will bring papyri from Cairo, manufactured in the ancient way, to illustrate book-making in biblical times. And, what about the notion that the scribes made errors in copying the manuscripts? I'll explain fully. If time allows, I'll tell you about some of the more interesting manuscript finds. CANON IS NOT A BIG GUN: Pious Jews and Christians wrote many books in the ancient world. Why are some the Bible and others are not? This is the fascinating story of the selection process. And when the tabloids have a slow news day, they talk about the "lost books of the Bible." Well, they're not "lost." I have many of them on my library shelf. I will share with you some of the interesting stories that didn't make it into the Bible. TRANSLATION: Translation is tricky business. We'll discuss the ins and outs of this very important and complicated step in getting the Bible to our reading desk. Did Paul smoke marijuana? No, he did not. But, you might think so if you read one English translation. Should translations refer to God with masculine terminology? I'll give you my take on this and other controversial translation issues.

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