Course Detail: CTEADMINPROSUP - Career & Technical Education Administration and Program Supervision

The Career and Technical Education Administrator has the responsibility of implementing a high quality CTE program that prepares all students to be college and career ready. To succeed, the program administrator must provide effective leadership in the areas of Accountability; Fiscal Management and Compliance; Curriculum and Instruction; Community Involvement and Partnerships; and Human Resources. Understanding the internal and external influences of each aspect allows the CTE Administrator the ability to develop and implement a comprehensive CTE vision and strategic plan that prepares all students for post-secondary education and career success. This course will look specifically at each aspect and how they relate to the local CTE program.

Topics to be covered in this course include:
  • Responsibilities of a CTE Administrator 
  • CTE Origins and Philosophy
  • CTE Federal Legislation with a Focus on Perkins
  • North Carolina CTE Legislation
  • North Carolina State Board of Education CTE Policies (ex. Fiscal Policy, CTE Licensure, etc.)
  • North Carolina State and Local CTE Planning
  • Defining a High Quality CTE Program
  • The Power and Promise of (Career) Pathways

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