Micro Course Information: KNTH222 - Data Visualization: Making Sense of All that Data

Living in the age of information, we are all constantly bombarded by data. But how do we make sense of all that data, and how do we pull out what's important and organize it in a useful way? 

In this micro course, you will explore strategies for using data visualization methods, Microsoft Excel, and the fundamentals of statistics to understand, organize, and synthesize your data in a way that is both clear and compelling.

Note: Learners must have knowledge, experience, and access to Excel (or equivalent) prior to taking this micro course.

After successfully completing this micro course, you'll be able to:    

  • - Identify and interpret data presented as ratios, percents, and tables
  • - Strategize how to communicate data effectively to your audience
  • Create visual representations of underlying properties of data using online software
  • - Use estimations to mentally build visual representations of underlying properties of data
  • - Strategize how to interpret data and communicate it with others in a way that makes sense to a general audience not experienced with data

Micro Course Outline: 

Unit 1 -  Locate data that may benefit your workplace, career, or industry, and then strategize how to interpret and present that data.


Unit 2 - Build visualizations to interpret data.

Unit 3 - Explore strategies for analyzing and presenting data quickly when you need to think on the spot.

Unit 4 - Learn how to determine the appropriate strategy for interpreting data based on the type of data, and create a final output (i.e. executive summary, elevator speech, etc.) for the data you selected at the beginning of the course.

This micro course is 100% online, features 15 hours of engaging content, and is self-paced during the course open and close dates. You will receive access to the micro course on the 1st of the month, but you are free to work through the material when it works best in your schedule! More information is available on our CareerPLUS website or on our FAQ page.

This micro course counts towards the CareerPLUS Data Analysis and Interpretation badge.

 Session Information: MC0823V1_KNTH222

Schedule: Every day, starting on 08/21/23 and ending on 12/07/23
Times: 12:00am-11:00pm CDT


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Amanda Matson


Online, IA 52001