Micro Course Information: SPIR122 - The Christian Compass: Exploring Prayer and Action

The goals of this micro course are to help learners identify characteristics of their own development in prayer as seen through a Catholic point of view and grow in self-knowledge about how their spiritual lives shape their interpersonal and social responsibilities. It focuses on the development of self-knowledge and spiritual growth and is designed for accessibility of all working professionals, regardless of religious or non-religious background. Each unit in the micro course includes exploration of background knowledge on topics as well as suggested reflections and exercises for applying your micro course learning to your daily life. Learners should bring curiosity about their own commitments and those of diverse others, habits of reflection and self-awareness, and care for others.

This micro course is 100% online, features 15 hours of engaging content, and is self-paced during the course start open and close dates. You will receive access to the micro course on the 1st of the month, but you are free to work through the material when it works best in your schedule! More information is available on our CareerPLUS website or on our FAQ page.

This micro course counts towards the CareerPLUS Spirituality badge.

 Session Information: MC0524V1_SPIR122

Schedule: Every day, starting on 05/01/24 and ending on 12/31/24
Times: 12:00am-11:00pm CDT


Name Additional Resources
Susanna Cantu Gregory


Online, IA 52001