Micro Course Information: SPIR120 - An Inner Compass: Exploring Spirituality

This micro course explores the relationship between spirituality, religion, and the decisions we make about our lives. The course does not presume any religious faith or belonging and is meant to serve working professionals who desire to see their work in the context of their own deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment, spiritual practitioners who want to reflect on the foundations of spirituality and spiritual growth, and/or Clarke faculty and staff who desire to know how students are introduced to spirituality in their religious studies courses at Clarke. This micro course is a personal journey as you deeply consider the role spirituality plays in your own life and the world you live in.

After successfully completing this micro course, you'll be able to:    

  • - Examine the spiritual dimensions of human experience and the search for fulfillment.
  • - Recognize the connection between beliefs, values, and life decisions.
  • - Explore the role of religion in fostering compassionate and life-giving spiritualities.


Micro Course Outline: 

Unit 1 -  Examine what spirituality is, define how culture influences our spirituality and search for happiness, and explore spiritual practices from various traditions.


Unit 2 - Explore the relationship between spirituality and religion, consider the concept of "Mystery" and reflect on your personal experience with it, and distinguish between the questions of science and questions of religion.

Unit 3 - Explore the relationship between contemplation and action, between spiritual practice and social transformation, and between spirituality and the common good. Finish the course by reflecting on your own core values and how spiritual practice can help you respond to life's challenges and inform your way of being in the world.

This micro course is 100% online, features 15 hours of engaging content, and is self-paced during the course open and close dates. You will receive access to the micro course on the 1st of the month, but you are free to work through the material when it works best in your schedule! More information is available on our CareerPLUS website or on our FAQ page.

 Session Information: MC0524V1_SPIR120

Schedule: Every day, starting on 05/01/24 and ending on 12/31/24
Times: 12:00am-11:00pm CDT


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Susanna Cantu Gregory


Online, IA 52001