Micro Course Information: LDEM120 - Conflict Management

Not all conflict is bad. Conflict can be constructive and even productive, which can result in positive changes for you and/or your organization. In this micro course, you will identify your personal conflict resolution style and uncover how to recognize others' conflict resolution styles, so that you can effectively navigate difficult conversations or other situations involving conflict. 


You will also develop your own personal conflict resolution toolkit that you can apply immediately in your workplace. You will also come away from this micro course with a variety of tips and resources that will help you enhance your effectiveness in working with others. 

After successfully completing this micro course, you'll be able to:    

  • - Analyze the key practical concepts of conflict management and resolution
  • - Assess your own conflict management style and develop the ability to identify others' conflict management styles
  • - Examine and apply conflict resolution approaches

Micro Course Outline

Unit 1 - Understanding Conflict   

Unit 2 - Assessing the Five Approaches to Conflict Management   

Unit 3 - Conflict Resolution in the Workplace  

Unit 4 - Developing Your Personal Conflict Resolution Toolkit 

Badge Alignment 

This micro course is part of the CareerPLUS Emerging Leader badge, along with these other micro courses:

This micro course is 100% online, features 15 hours of engaging content, and is self-paced over 4 weeks. You will receive access to the micro course on the 1st of the month, but you are free to work through the material when it works best in your schedule! More information is available on our CareerPLUS website or on our FAQ page.

 Session Information: MC0422V1-LDEM120

Schedule: Self-paced. Accessible online 24-hours, starting on 04/01/2022 and ending on 04/28/2022.
Times: 12:00am - 11:59pm


Name Additional Resources
Mariann Kurtz Weber


Online, IA 52001