Micro Course Detail: GASR121 - Diversity & Inclusion Toolkit

We are all influenced by the culture(s) in which we live, but we do not often think about how this impacts our interactions with others. In this micro course, you will reflect on your own "cultural background", including your values and communication styles, and you will come away with skills and strategies that will help you effectively navigate interactions with your colleagues, clients, and others you encounter daily. 

After successfully completing this micro course, you'll be able to: 
  •  Assess your cultural self-awareness across various types of human differences
  • Examine your personal, cultural and workplace values effectively in order to interact more successfully with others
  • Develop communication skills that will improve your interactions with diverse communities
  • Explore cultural humility and cultural curiosity to improve communication in the workplace.
For a preview of this course, please check out this video: 

Available Sessions