To help you in that effort, this course covers the latest HR Certification Institute (HRCI) information and is designed by subject matter experts who know the tests inside and out. While there isn't an endorsed/sponsored manual or course that will teach you how to pass HRCI's exam, this course will help ensure you're confident and well prepared going into it.
Competition is no longer business-versus-business - its supply chain-versus-supply chain. Global Supply Chain Management (GSCM), which is the integrated management of the set of value-added activities from product development through material procurement from vendors through manufacturing and distribution of the good to the final globally-located customer, addresses how to manage this competition. This is not an easy task! To add to this complexity, today's consumers - especially the coveted millennials - expect companies to also act in a socially responsible and sustainable manner that considers people, the planet, and profits.
This learning experience is all about giving you insight, skills and practice to help you transform your business and your teams. Taught by experts in people management and organizational development, this is an opportunity you won't want to miss out on.

This workshop has been approved for recertification credits for SHRM certifications and pending for HRCI certifications.

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